Before Brick Re-pointing
After Brick Re-Pointing


Restoring the brickwork on your heritage home by Brick Tuckpointing and/or Brickwork Repointing is money well spent.



Deterioration and powdering of mortar between your brickwork can be caused by water, sun, acids in the rain, changing temperatures, building settlement, impact damage, air pollution, dirt and commonly Rising Damp, caused by a break in your brickwork’s damp course. Damaged/deteriorated joints can cause waterproofing and structural problems if left unrepaired. Tuckpointing and Repointing the brickwork of your house are two very effective ways of considerably assisting structural integrity and decreasing water/moisture penetration into the brickwork.


Stuctural integrity aside, the main reason many homeowners Re-Tuckpoint and/or Re-Point the brickwork of their house is purely for its aesthetic value and the considerable value it adds to your home. There is nothing better than a period home that looks loved, and the brickwork of your period house often represents up to 70% of the visible surface area. Restoring the brickwork of your home either by Tuckpointing or Re-pointing is one of the most prudent investments to can make. Brickwork with deteriorated mortar and subsequent "questionable" structural integrity can substantially affect your home's value.

Restoring your brickwork, either by Tuckpointing or Re-Pointing can restore the brickwork to "as new" condition and will often add 2 to 3 times the actual financial outlay to the overall $$ value of your home.


We've included above a 'before' & 'after' example of some Brick Re-Pointing. You'll find some more examples of House Brickpointing, Re-Pointing & Brick Restorations in our photo gallery section.

Restoring your home’s brickwork is well and truly, money well spent !