Tuckpointing Bricks Newcastle
Repointed brickwork - Jenner Pde, Hamilton South, Newcastle NSDW Australia


Heritage Brickwork Restorations is a Newcastle, New South Wales based, Brick Tuckpointing and Brick Re-pointing company specialising in the restoration of brickwork on period homes generally built between 1880 and 1945.

We take genuine pride in our finished product and treat every single project as if it were our own home. Our staff are artisans and refuse to settle for second grade finishes that have become so prevalent within our industry. Leading quality ingredients combined with industry leading attention to detail ensure our finished product is second to none. 
Heritage Brickwork Restorations was started almost 30 years ago by renowned Tuckpointer Gunther Vergens. Gunther has long since retired, but the company, now owned by Andrew Vercoe, still proudly employs the same dedication to quality, attention to detail and Tuckpointing "recipe" that earned Gunther such industry respect. Our restoration Tuckpointing and Brick Pointing process adds considerable value to your home and transforms brickwork, often considered to be "beyond help" by the homeowners, to in most cases, an "almost new" look.
Examples of our Brick Re-pointing and Brick house Tuckpointing workmanship can be found throughout the Newcastle area, particularly in the areas of Hamilton, Hamilton South, Cooks Hill, Merewether, Waratah, Mayfield, The Junction and the Maitland and Lorn areas. In an industry where Tuckpointing skills, techniques and overall "attention to detail" can vary dramatically, we are one of a dwindling number of craftsmen who still take the time to produce quality work, as evidenced by the fact that our company is responsible for completing over 95% of Tuckpointed and Repointed homes in the Newcastle and Maitland areas, over the last three decades. You can read our Tuck Pointing and Brick Pointing Customer Testimonials here.
Every staff member takes a genuine pride in their work and are chosen for their attention to detail and passion for their work. You can find many examples of our house Tuckpointing & Repointing in our photo galleries.