Brick Tuckpointing and Brick Repointing by Newcastle's leading and most trusted specialists.
Newcastle's Brick Tuckpointing, Brick Repointing and Brickwork Restoration craftsmen. Exclusive home brickwork restoration system pioneered and proven in Newcastle.  Genuine quality, genuine longevity, NOT just a short term fix.

Heritage Brickwork Restorations have been the leaders in Brick Tuckpointing and Brick Repointing homes (brick mortar replacement) in the Newcastle and Maitland areas for almost three decades. 
Over that time we have pioneered an exclusive Brick Tuckpointing and Brick Repointing system designed solely for the Newcastle market and designed to deal with the problems associated with the Newcastle Heritage Area’s close proximity to punishing salt air. We don't have multiple projects on-the-go at the same time. When we arrive at your home, our small highly-specialised team gives your project their undivided attention until it is complete. 

What’s the best brickwork restoration solution for your home? 

Many Tuckpointing companies throughout Australia offer “cookie cutter” solutions. They use the same process  for your brickwork restoration as their last project and the one before that. 

At Heritage Brickwork Restorations, we recognise that every brick home comes with its own individual colours, condition issues and potential for massive aesthetic change, based on which restoration techniques are employed.

Bearing in mind that brickwork occupies the largest surface area of your home, getting your Brick Tuckpointing and/or Brick Repointing “right” is critical to the finished look of your home.

Using our 30+ years of experience, we’ll offer you the best options on how we can take the presentation of your home to the next level.

Replacing crumbling, powdering, worn or greying mortar, (replacing or repairing brick grout)  can dramatically change the appearance and value of your home. In an industry where overall quality of workmanship, finish and lifespan can vary dramatically, our team proudly stand on our reputation for outstanding workmanship at a great price. This reputation has allowed us to reach the enviable position of being responsible for over 95% of Brick Tuckpointing and Brick Repointing restorations and heritage brick repairs in the Newcastle and Maitland area over the last 30 years. 
Recommended by Newcastle's leading Heritage Builders and Architects, they know our unique Brickwork Restoration and Brick Tuckpointing system sets our work apart, and unlike some of our competitors, is designed to give serious longevity, not just a short term brickwork Brick Tuckpointing or Repointing ”fix". 
Both Brick Tuckpointing and Brick Repointing of houses are slow tedious tasks, requiring the attention to detail of a craftsman. Make no mistake, if house Tuckpointing is performed incorrectly, using poor quality ingredients or simply by taking short-cuts on surface preparation, the resulting finished product will generally be irreversible and you will be forced to live with resulting bad workmanship for the life of your home. 
Many hundreds of examples of our workmanship in Brick Tuckpointing, Brick Repointing and Brick Repairs can be seen scattered through Newcastle’s heritage suburbs, such as Hamilton, Hamilton South, Cooks Hill, Hamilton, Mayfield and Maitland. When you see a beautifully presented heritage house in Newcastle with beautiful Brick Tuckpointing or Brick Repointing, chances are the brickwork was restored by the craftsmen at Heritage Brickwork Restorations.


Read article published in the Newcastle Herald about our House Tuckpointing and Brick Repointing for NSW Heritage week here.


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Tuckpointing, Kemp St Hamilton South Newcastle
Tuckpointing in Newcastle
Brick Tuckpointing Newcastle NSW
Differnece between Tuckpointing and Repointing by Heritage Brickwork Restorations
Staff member Tony preparing wall for Brick Repointing.